In which the Phoenix Mall is no longer bookish

The Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel, for lack of better options in the neighbourhood, is turning out to be quite the culture hub. The open quadrangle now regularly hosts interesting  events – pop up restaurants and chic shops, to cultural events. Just today, we caught Indian Ocean member Rahul Ram in action. Quite a crowd had gathered to watch the man, who belted out some of his popular numbers at eardrum splitting decibels. It was heartening to see many youngsters in the crowd, gyrating to the music though.

Indian Ocean Ram

This mall is a great place to be in. The restaurant scene here has also got energised suddenly with the addition of SodaBottleOpenerWallah, The Runway Project, apart from Wine Rack, Delhi Heights and Farzi Cafe.

Sadly, the Om book store has shut shop. It was the sole such store. Perhaps copying the trend world over. Even Hamley’s, which used to display a healthy number of books in a prominent part of the shop, has pushed its books section to a remote corner. And the books that are available, are hardly worth the trip to that corner. I know it’s a toy shop. But when they relegate books to a far spot after keeping them pretty prominently displayed initially, it does say a lot about our kids’ reading habits. Or perhaps kids now read only on Kindle? I will make myself believe that. Meanwhile, what do I do with the Om book store vouchers that I was gifted?

By the way, what does this sign mean?

Sign at Phoenix


This hangs next to Foodhall on the third floor. I am puzzled. Are they actually saying what I can read, or am I missing something? Or are they???

Oh, the powers-that-be at Phoenix. Straighten this sign out. And please bring a good book-cum-stationery store back (a la Landmark) to the mall. This is the the only gap here, but what a gap!




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