The planning :-(

On Jan.10, 2018, our household was abuzz with the birthday preps for my son’s 11th birthday the next day. He wanted a pizza movie night with his friends at home. Our evening was spent in excited planning for this ‘seminal’ event. We debated endlessly over the food, the movie to be screened the next day. The evening passed in pleasant conversation, breathless anticipation and affectionate banter. It was a cosy scene of domestic bliss. A child secure in his home and hearth, knowing he is loved and he is safe.

More than a thousand kilometres up north, in a place called Kathua in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, at that same moment, there was some planning taking place too about a child. A girl child. Eight years old. It wasn’t about her birthday. Or her vacations. Or her play. It was about her kidnapping, her rape, and her murder. Brutal assaults, planned by adults and carried out by adults. Asifa, the little girl, was kidnapped, drugged, assaulted by many, and cold-bloodedly murdered. To teach her community a lesson.

Where is God’s justice? How do we ever, ever get over this?





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