The story of my Carvaan

I have just acquired Carvaan, the digital audio player from Saregama. It was an acquisition more than six months in the making. I first heard about it at a friend’s dinner. About 5,000 old Hindi songs and ghazals of various artistes, FM radio, USB drive, and remote. What was not to like? It was an easy decision to make.

But caught in the rigmarole of daily routines, more than a month had passed before I was reminded of my decision to acquire it – and in a most disconcerting way, by Facebook! It had worked out (by a series of algorithms?) that I was interested in this product. (Or wait, did they just eavesdrop on my conversations via the app on my phone as proven by events that unfolded later…;-) But the advertisement for Carvaan which popped up on my page, was on a website for senior citizens. Oh, my! Did that deflate my enthusiasm! They were now positioning Carvaan as something you would gift your elderly parents (not youthful parents, mind you:-) Oh, Oh. That sure gave me pause.

I was, to put it mildly, put off. I am not an ‘ageist’, nor do I fear getting there one day. Perhaps sooner than I think. But the positioning of that product on the senior citizens website wasn’t energising at all. This had touched a raw nerve. The introspection started. Am I a dinosaur, truly? Are my interests caught and trapped in the music of the ’60s and ’70s…well, at a stretch, the ’80s? I have been accused of being ‘technology illiterate’ and ‘unadventurous’, of living in the past often…of using ‘archaic’ lingo. The hubby has gone into paroxysms of laughter just because I said two friends had got into ‘fisticuffs’. What’s wrong with fisticuffs? Many people use that word. Haven’t you?

As you can imagine, I have history on this topic, anyway, this is neither here nor there. So, in a fit of rebellion I decided that a product whose makers pitched it only to a particular demographic, didn’t need, or deserve my patronage. I was quite sore. And cross. And vowed not to think about Carvaan again. I resolutely ignored the product whenever it popped up on any platform, told myself there are far too many options to source good music. Carvaan knows where it can, well, you know….

Till an innocuous visit to a store called Prime in Nariman Point’s CR2 Mall. Prime is a higgledy piggledy treasure house of household and kitchen stuff. I pick up this kitchen cleaning cloth from there, and can swear by its efficacy and durability. Anyway, while idly surveying the shop, my eyes settled on a shelf which held the Carvaan, and two different models of it, sitting pretty. Sigh! It was love at first sight.

CArvaan 2I turned and looked at hubby, who nodded sagely. A wise man. And the cherry oak Carvaan is now mine, to hold and treasure:-) As I write this, Gulzar’s Tujhse naraz nahin zindagi is playing on it…soulful music, a blog, and the quiet and peace of night…what more can one ask of life!



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