My top 15 most mushy movies ever!

  1. Dirty Dancing – What a lovely movie about innocent and beautiful love, shared by Patrick Swayze’s and Jennifer Grey’s characters. The couple’s dance to the number I’ve had the time of my life is an iconic one, and is a fitting celebration of this beautiful movie.
  2. Titanic – Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet winged their way into our hearts with this one about doomed love on a doomed ship. Yet, you are left with a beautiful feeling of love triumphing, above all.  Celine Dion has lost oodles of weight lately, and we will never stop losing our hearts to My heart will go on
  3. Pretty Woman – Richard Gere became an iconic romantic hero with this movie about a prostitute and a millionaire businessman finding love with each other, despite many social hurdles. Most of my generation can hum Pretty woman walking down the street…. all the way till the end:-)
  4. An Indecent Proposal – Here, I won’t talk about the love shared by Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson’s characters, which ultimately triumphs, but rather the near silent, but almost desperate love that the oh-so-dashing and handsome Robert Redford has for Moore’s character. It’s actually two parallel love stories. Most of us wished it was Redford who had triumphed, though!
  5. Gone With The Wind – What can one say except that this is possibly one of the few movies which almost outshone the book it’s based on. The clashes between the dashing Rhett Butler and the feisty and beautiful Scarlett O’Hara has made my heart skip many beats!  Set against the American Civil War, the movie became famous for its line, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’. Clark Gable who played Butler, was the stuff that a woman’s fantasies are made of!
  6. Ghost – Patrick Swayze in a movie? I will take him in any role, even as a ghost! This movie has one of the most romantic scenes of all times – Demi Moore and Swayze are electrifying!
  7. The Notebook – It’s a sad love story, which brings tears to your eyes and twists your heart up into many knots. A young couple, divided by class, fall in love and are torn apart, only to connect after many twists and turns. Ryan Gosling and the pretty Rachel McAdams share a lovely chemistry in this.
  8. Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen’s iconic book made legends of the main characters Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Our hearts longed for the principled yet brooding and taciturn Mr. Darcy – he with his pride and she with her prejudices. The Keira Knightley and Mathew Macfadyen version is a good one, but the best adaptation of this novel has to be the six-part BBC series which starred Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. The lake scene where Firth strips, set many hearts racing!
  9. The Godfather Part III – This movie was panned badly by the critics, and with reason. The plot is shallow, the execution very poor. But powerhouse actors like Al Pacino, Andy Garcia and Diane Keaton rescue this somewhat clumsy movie from utter failure. For me, the passionate love depicted between Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola’s characters, shown as cousins in this movie, is very moving. The bleak longing in Garcia’s eyes at this forbidden love, especially after he decides to give her up, is the highlight of the movie. Their romance is utterly believable.
  10. Notting Hill – “I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her’, is a classic line as far as movie lines go. This movie with Julia Roberts as the acclaimed movie star, who is attracted to a book shop owner Hugh Grant (he with his boyish, handsome looks and the messy mop of hair falling on his forehead!), makes for a lovely, romantic comedy. Grant as always, is mildly ironic, self-deprecating, and good fun!
  11. Serendipity – A name and number written on a book, reunite two people – John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale – who met years earlier serendipitously, are crazily attracted to each other, but Kate decides to leave it to a book and a dollar note to reunite them! And they do reunite of course. It’s a heartwarming story.
  12. You’ve Got Mail – This was the time when emails were a big deal, Facebook and Insta didn’t exist, and technology had not yet taken over our lives. Meg Ryan, often termed America’s sweetheart, and Tom Hanks star in this lovely David v/s Goliath kind of romantic comedy where Ryan’s tiny bookstore has to shut down because of Hanks’s mega book store chain. Considering today book stores big and small are downing their shutters, this movie is bitter sweet indeed!
  13. The Wedding Singer – This is a sweet love story between Drew Barrymore and such a young Adam Sandler, a wedding singer. She’s engaged to a Casanova, while attracted to the wedding singer. Of course she dumps her Casanova and embraces Sandler. And we all love this happy ending.
  14. The Holiday – This one is completely for the dreamy Valentine’s Day indeed. On a whimsical home exchange plan, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet find themselves in the other’s home on different continents, where they both meet the love of their lives. When one of the men is the dreamy Jude Law, your heart too does strange things!
  15. Shakespeare in Love – Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes star in this lovely movie about the bard desperately in need of a muse to kickstart his creativity and overcome his enormous writer’s block. Paltrow and Fiennes (he as Shakespeare), are the perfect cast for this romance, which also shows us a different side to the bard.


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