Who are you?

The lockdown has revealed something of human nature. With lockdown gradually lifting, do reflect, which of these are you?

  1. The Mask Wearer: Are you the cover-the-nose-and-the-mouth wearer, the under-the-nose wearer, or the chin-mask wearer? I have a particular problem with those who wear their masks under their nose. They are the smart-ass ones who know the harmful effects of their exhaled breath to themselves, especially while exercising, and prefer to free their nostrils. To hell with everyone else. Those who wear chin masks, what can I say. Respect!
  2. The Baker: Everyone and their grandfather is a baker today. I too fall in this category. I baked like a crazy person which also kept me sane in the first few months of lockdown. In the dead of the night I made the house smell of floury butter and sugar, and I really should be given an award for that. 
  3. The Selfish Shopper: This has revealed to me the most about people. At the little mart in our building we have had to queue up to shop in turns. And you have the eternal searcher who manages to check everything on the shelf and put it back and takes 45 minutes, while the queue outside gets longer than the one at the booze shops when the lockdown lifted.
  4. The Walker: I am a walker. It’s been a joy to walk every day. Since gyms are still shut, the walking routine has become my touchstone for sanity. Fellow walkers, whose footsteps I can now recognize, keep me motivated. I invariably do a mental count of who is missing from the roster every morning and every evening.
  5. The Background Scorer: Many have experimented with having a uniform backdrop for zoom and video calls whether internal or with clients. Honestly, I find the artificial backgrounds quite disconcerting. If you move your arm, it disappears into a seamless void. But artificial or simulated backgrounds are the best bet especially for those living in crowded homes with little privacy. Some, you will note, have sterling backgrounds – from expansive paintings, beautiful, potted plants, to wood-paneled book shelves. Yet another kind of segregation.
  6. The Dresser: How must you dress up for a zoom call? Do you keep it casual (wfh edits, anyone?) or do you go super formal? A mix of both, perhaps? I confess that I do keep it casual, but with a touch of make-up. I mean, there is nowhere else to dress up and go now, is there? And the sheer joy of speaking to people without a mask!
  7. The Social Animal: Lockdown has been tough on everyone, our nerves are frayed, we are not able to meet and spend time with friends and family as before. But the fact is, we can’t pretend all is fine or normal, either. It’s selfishness to irresponsibly socialize and put others you come into contact, at risk. Someone suggested ‘friends bubbles’ like flight bubbles. Hmm.
  8. The Video Makers/Insta Poster: So, one of the cute trends of lockdown has been families/friends stitching together into entertaining videos. Closet actors and wannabe dancers have all been flushed out. A harmless and fun way to bond during lockdown. Just keep it short, folks!
  9. The Group Former: There are WhatsApp groups of all sorts for my residential society, including one for mops and brooms. I kid not! When temporary house help was banned, residents had no choice but to order all manner of ‘magic mops’. Bingo, a group was formed for bulk orders. There are groups for exotic fruits, readymade foods, high-end groceries, bakery items, baking implements, south Indian batters, fish and meat supplies, all manner of snacks.
  10. The Nostalgia Stirrer: Posting photos of past travel is a way of re-living and vicariously traveling once again. I am somewhat guilty of this. It’s nostalgia and hope for normalcy once again. The happiness it gives, is worth all the rolling of the eye from others!
  11. The Smart Entrepreneur: There are more women working from homes in new businesses than ever before. For everything from making rotis, dosa batter and masks, to offering webinars in cooking and baking, and how to be an effective parent during this pandemic, women are truly acing this lockdown! 
  12. The Do-Gooder: From those not paying a dime to their part-time help during the months of lockdown to those contributing to all manner of causes in effort and cash, the lockdown has indeed separated the wheat from the chaff. This has been the biggest revealation of all.
  13. And The Paranoid: I confess, as the lockdown progressed my paranoia increased manifold. It was and is driven mainly by the need to protect the seniors at home, but the 24/7 looking over the shoulder has resulted in constant stress. I know of others like me and it’s not a pleasant and happy place to be in. The panacea? Netflixing, Walking, Reading, Blogging, Baking, Cooking, Gossipping!

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